PSAC Stars and Spurs Gala

2022 Gala Fundraising Total
2022 Gala Fundraising Total
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This year's event was SOLD OUT!
Thank you for your support

Gurpreet Lail, PSAC President and CEO – 2022

“We want to thank all our members and customers for supporting this year’s Gala through their sponsorship, donations, and event attendance. With your help, we’ve raised over $18 million for STARS over the last 28 years. PSAC and member organizations from across Canada’s energy services sector support STARS to ensure there is a safety net for our employees, their families and community members, when they need it the most. We know we have the power to make a significant difference when we look towards the future with confidence and work together to build a safer, more sustainable world.”

Steve Glanville, STARS Gala Committee Chair – 2022

“This is STARS’ most ambitious capital campaign of the year and is necessary for STARS to progress in a way that will continue to serve communities in Western Canada for decades to come. It is because of the collaboration of event organizers, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and participants that we can continue to execute such a successful fundraising campaign. On behalf of the event committee, I am incredibly grateful to all of you for your generosity and commitment to STARS. Thank you!”

2023 Gala:

2023’s gala is currently in the planning phase and information will be updated here as soon as it’s available. If you’d like updates, please add yourself to the PSAC STARS and Spurs Gala email distribution list. Thank you and we look forward to your involvement during next year’s PSAC STARS and Spurs Gala.

Event History

The annual PSAC STARS & Spurs Gala is the longest-running and largest fundraiser in Alberta. The event has raised more than $18 million for STARS since 1994 making it STARS’ most significant annual fundraising event.
PSAC is proud that the success of this annual event allows us to make a meaningful impact helping protect our communities, our families, our companies and our employees; and illustrates our ongoing importance to the Canadian economy and the future of energy.

The PSAC STARS & Spurs Gala is testimony to the priority energy services companies place on the safety of their employees, employees’ families, and their communities.

More than one thousand people attend the PSAC STARS & Spurs Gala each year. We count among our guests corporate executives, government officials, key representatives of the energy services sector and members of our communities. Many attend year after year, testimony to the excellence of the event, and its offerings of enjoyment, great auction items, fun and creative entertainment and networking possibilities.


The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) represents the full spectrum of the Canadian energy services sector, small-and-medium-sized companies and large corporations operating in cities, towns and remote areas across Canada.

Our organization comprises the people and companies that have been instrumental in building a sector that’s vital to our country’s prosperity. We are collaborative, forward-thinking leaders in our constantly evolving industry. We have skills, expertise and the determination to address future challenges and opportunities while championing safety and environmental performance.

Our longstanding support of STARS illustrates our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve, our member organizations, families and employees.


Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) provides a critical service to Western Canadians living in rural communities and working in remote areas, including workers in the energy sector and those travelling on highways or being transported from community hospitals to major medical centres. These ill and injured patients receive the very best in critical care via helicopters staffed and outfitted as mobile ICUs. Since 1985, STARS, a not-for-profit organization, has flown more than 45,000 missions from six bases across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.