Enserva Stars and Spurs Gala


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On behalf of Kevin O’Brien, Gala Committee Chair and President of Bravo Safety Target, and Gurpreet Lail, President and CEO of Enserva, we are thrilled to announce that the Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala returns on April 15, 2023.

For 29 years, the Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala has brought us together in celebration of our industry’s resilience and hard work.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, and to those who have attended and supported this event in previous years. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s gala.


Enserva unlocks Canadian energy by making connections, accessing resources, influencing policy, and providing insights that accelerate the energy evolution. We provide the energy workforce that the world needs to thrive with the most responsible and carefully regulated practices in the world. We make the world a better place by reducing energy poverty, finding new ways to address impacts, and creating economic growth and jobs.

Enserva has brought the energy industry and community leaders together to raise funds for STARS since 1994.

Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) was born from the conviction that no one should go without the care that could save their life. Whether by air, ground, or satellite link, the expert care delivered by STARS doctors, nurses, and paramedics comes in many forms. STARS is a charitable not-for-profit organization that responds to community needs.


The annual Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala is the longest-running and largest fundraiser in Alberta. The event has raised more than $19 million for STARS since 1994 making it STARS’ most significant annual fundraising event.

Enserva is proud that the success of this annual event allows us to make a meaningful impact helping protect our communities, our families, our companies, and our employees; and illustrates our ongoing importance to the Canadian economy and the future of energy.

The Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala is testimony to the priority energy services companies place on the safety of their employees, employees’ families, and their communities.

More than one thousand people attend the Enserva STARS & Spurs Gala each year. We count among our guests corporate executives, government officials, key representatives of the energy services sector, and members of our communities. Many attend year after year, testimony to the excellence of the event, and its offerings of enjoyment, great auction items, fun and creative entertainment, and networking possibilities.