PSAC Stars and Spurs Gala


Karli Crowshoe, B.A. is a mother, creator, dancer, and ceremonialist from the Piikani Nation and possesses Nez Peace roots. Her company, The Chief’s Daughter was born out of a love for pow wow dancing and strives to revive and promote traditional stories and an oral culture through precise beadwork. Karli credits her grandfather and her family legacy as a guiding force for her creations, marrying Niitsitapii ways of knowing with the modern indigenous lifestyle. Karli is a strong advocate for working mothers and creating spaces for indigenous women in the work field.

During the 2022 Gala, we auctioned off a beautiful custom beaded hat from Karli for $8000. The “Sara” is a hat created in collaboration with a fellow indigenous artist who designed the floral. The floral is a dene design created as a gift for the artist and has been used in many fashion shows, magazines, photo shoots and events across North America. For over two years, “Sara” has been the hat behind the brand, The Chief’s Daughter. With the hat came a pair of matching custom-made earrings and a removable hat band that can be worn as a necklace. Each piece is numbered and signed for each customer and has a lifetime warranty for the beadwork. The hat is made with intention of being passed on from generation to generation, “creation for the generations”. 

Valued at $4000