Like the energy industry, STARS is as important as ever. The communities we operate in still require our energy, our innovation, and our support. The COVID-19 pandemic has not diminished the role that we play in these communities or the need for STARS. So far, in 2020, the number of STARS missions remains the same as it was before. Like the energy industry that we are an essential part of, we will continue to innovate to assure that Western Canadians have the services that they depend on. STARS is one of these services.

The PSAC STARS & Spurs Safe@Home Gala will continue this legacy of community commitment. We will raise money for our community in a different way because of the pandemic. To support STARS, we will not hold a gala in a physical way as before. However, we will raise funds that more directly support STARS and we will celebrate the essential role our industry plays in our Canadian communities. Sponsors will be given first right of refusal for their level next year.